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about whitehorn jewellers
After completing our relevant tertiary and trade qualifications, we started a home-based studio, manufacturing for the jewellery industry. Driven by creativity and a need to showcase our talents to the public, the search began for a studio space surrounded by culture and artisans. And so, in 2008, we opened our doors in the arts and culture area in Durbanville, Cape Town. In this majestic, historical building, inhabited by mosaic artists, painters, art gallery, clay museum and restaurant, we are able to express ourselves and we are thriving on the inspiration generated by such an environment.
about ilke whitehorn
From a young age, Ilke understood that she had an artistic talent, and has nurtured it through various disciplines, such as painting, printmaking and etching. The discipline that she finally chose as a career, was the art of jewellery making. Ilke has a highly artistic personality, with a strong sense of design and a keen interest in gemmology.
about marc whitehorn
Marc is a very technical goldsmith, a highly skilled manufacturer and a setter. He has an exceptionally keen eye for precision and detail. At the same time, he loves the freedom that comes with engraving and carving. His inquisitive nature led him to 3D modeling as a hobby, but he soon realized that it could become an integral part of his business.